Revolutionary video storytelling tool.

Our cloud-based pre-editing app keeps your teams focused on creating great video stories - with substantial timesaving.

Why revolutionary? Because you no longer need a pen, paper, printer, video player, word editor to create and view a video story before it actually goes to the video editing room. Ok, you might need a pen. 😉 Multitasking was replaced with powerful simple tool whit familiar shortcuts, and a single window where you could cut, describe and rearrange your video story without having to worry about timecodes. You can view or edit all or part of the av script at any time, and send it to your coworkers for review without rendering. When you are satisfied with your video story, you can send it to your video editor, who will simply love you, after experiencing “one click action” opens your script in his timeline. Of course, if your video editor has not already invited you to 😂

Get a better picture of how your story flows on the screen.

  • Intuitive UX take all tools you need in sigle window.
  • Speed up video storytelling with shortcuts.
  • Total script duration and single clip duration always visible.
  • Share draft story with your collaborators without rendering.

Google Chrome supported only.

After a lot of testing, we decide to use Google Chrome because is giving the best performance with it.

We support Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere.

Import and export of fcpxml and xml are supported in

Accelerate importing AV script in the timeline.

  • Send footage from your NLE timeline to storyteller.
  • Open downloaded AV script XML direct in your NLE timeline.

Make a few simple steps to walk trough great workflow.

  • Import all RAW footage in your NLE
  • Make new sequence
  • Place all RAW footage in timeline
  • Select all footage in your timeline and
    make compound clip (FCPX) or nest (CC)
  • Export web proxy video and XML
  • Go in to create new project
  • Upload video and XML
  • Edit your AV script
  • Export XML
  • Import XML in NLE

Keep your production team anywhere.

  • Send invitation to storyteller and watch how your story grows.
  • Control who's writing and editing which segment of story.
  • Keep your rough materials in cloud.
  • Get feedback and approvals from collaborators.


AV script in PDF

We create standard AV script PDF with full duration of script and all timecodes from your project, so you can download it to send or print for your team.

Send video preview of AV script

Without rendering you can send video preview of your script directly to any e-mail.

Project sharing

Share project with other collaborators so you can work on same script or just leave to somebody to finish script.

Duplicate project

This feature is great for making more script versions of same footage.

Duplicate project with AV script

This feature is great for making new version from existing avs project, because AV script from original project is included in new one and you can continue reshaping your story.